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The team from Mojiva is committed to help make your job easier by developing unique, cutting-edge mobile advertising campaigns and monetization strategies for agencies, brand advertisers and publishers around the world. Mojiva provides a monthly reach of over 1 billion unique devices worldwide, with 270 million of those devices coming from the US.
  • Testimonial

    Richie Hecker


    About Richie Hecker

    Richie Hecker is an entrepreneur and investor in NYC. He is the Chief Catalyst of Traction + Scale LLC, a holding company that incubates, invests in and acquires companies that can transform the world. In a past life, he ran one of the largest social networks in the world and started the first non profit on Facebook. He also serves as Chairman of inSparq, a leading social commerce technology company In his spare time, he is a quantified self geek, runs marathons and volunteers at a book store, yes a physical book store.

  • Testimonial

    Miles Spencer

    Founder and Chairman

    About Miles Spencer

    For over twenty years, Miles has distinguished himself as a creator of ideas, a builder of businesses, and a leader of organizations. His angel group, Vaux les Ventures, has interests in over a dozen companies where he helped form the original team, provided the original capital, or both. Capital events following his efforts have realized over a billion dollars of value for shareholders, including notable successes in digital media like, Operative, TrustCloud, Aptaris and Mojiva. He is also a mentor at Grand Central Tech.



Whether you want to connect to users in your local area, or reach around the globe, Mojiva’s ad network uses leading edge technology to help target and scale your clients’ mobile ad campaigns.  Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Brand Marketer

With a reach of more than one billion unique devices worldwide, the Mojiva ad network can help increase your brands top-of-mind awareness and recognition.

Mobile Web Publishers

Are you ready to monetize your mobile website? By incorporating Mojiva’s ad tags into your mobile site, you can start monetizing your mobile content almost immediately.

App Publishers

Increase revenue for your app by enabling advertising from the Mojiva mobile ad network. The SDK is flexible, customizable and supports rich media. Download Mojiva’s easy-to-install SDK now!

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